Travel Tips

Passport and Visa Requirement
Guests visiting Zanzibar must be in possession of a valid 6 months passport from the date of travel and should have at least 2 blank pages available in their passport. Visas are compulsory for all visitors, and cost from $50. Visas are obtainable at the airport when you arrive, but rather have one before you land, Visas are obtainable from the Tanzanian Embassy.

Health Requirements
Preventative measures should be taken against malaria. It is advised that you consult your physician regarding malaria prophylactics. We advise you to take a mosquito repellent, and cover all exposed areas of your body (e.g. neck and arms) during the night. We recommend that you wear trousers at night and long sleeved shirts should you be outdoors. There are no compulsory inoculations. However, please note that a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required for all travelers entering Tanzania.

Health and travel insurance is advisable. This should cover any medical situation such as hospitalization. Insurance is also recommended to cover baggage loss and Island Express Safaris & Tours is regrettably not responsible for the loss or damage to travelers belongings.

Please be sensitive when photographing people. Tanzanians are renowned for being friendly, however it is courteous to ask permission before snapping away. Some Government areas and sites (Police station and Post, Army sites, State House) are prohibited to be photographed. We advise you to ask your guide before taking any picture when you pass through these sites.

What to pack
Due to Zanzibar being a conservative Muslim society, dress for both men and women should be modest. For women, skirts or shorts to below the knee or loose-fitting long pants and modest tops with some sort of sleeve are recommended. For men, shorts to the knee or long trousers and shirts with sleeves are recommended. When traveling around the Island we suggest that you travel light, dress comfortably. Also imperative are: sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent, film and camera.

Internet and Email
Most of the hotels in Zanzibar offer internet and emailing services. Many internet cafes are also available in Stone Town.

Banking and Credit Cards
Banking hours at most commercial banks are:
Monday – Friday – 0900hrs to 1530hrs
Saturday – 0900hrs – 1200hrs

ATM’s are found at most of the Banks. Visa, Master Cards are accepted by most hotels, restaurants and shops.