Beit El Chai


Beyt al Chai is located in the famous Kelele Square at the heart of Zanzibar's renowned Stone Town which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000.

Descriptions & Features

Its square became a favourite haunt of the European residents of the town. Folklore has it that the square was christened, Kelele - Swahili for noise - because of the noisy dogs that the Europeans brought with them.

Everything about Beyt al Chai rooms is as authentic old Zanzibari as the great house itself. Each of the 6 en-suite and suites bedrooms are designed with richly coloured organza and silk curtains billowing in the breeze around antique furniture dating back to the days of the Sultan.

The 6 air conditioned bedrooms are divided in three categories:
»2 SULTAN Rooms:
These are the two largest rooms at the Beyt al Chai, at approximately 40 sq. metres each with private bathrooms and captivating views of Zanzibar.

»3 PRINCE Rooms:
These three rooms are the second largest in the house, averaging about 25 Sq Metres each. They each have a private bathroom and dressing room

»1 PRINCESS Room: This room is the smallest in the Hotel but as original as the others and has a good size bathroom with direct entrance from the room.